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  • The London Shipwreck: A Sunken Story

    The London Shipwreck: A Sunken Story

    Central22 September 2018 - 20 July 2019

    The London Shipwreck: A Sunken Story exhibits finds from the London shipwreck, a 17th Century Cromwellian warship that mysteriously exploded in the Thames Estuary in 1665. Immerse yourself in the Age of Sail, learning about life on board, warfare and the events that led to the loss of over 300 lives.   …

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  • Subcultures


    Beecroft15 December 2018 - 05 October 2019

    Discover Southend’s subcultures through clothing, photographs and memorabilia. From the Southend punk scene, to mods, rockers and beyond this exhibition explores subcultures both past and present.  

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  • Colour


    Beecroft08 April 2019 - 11 April 2020

    This exhibition explores colour and its use in art, the emotional response to colours and the ways in which artists have used them. This subject will be explored through a selection of paintings from the Beecroft Art Gallery collection and loans from other institutions, displayed alongside a contemporary sculpture piece…

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  • The Nottrowe Drift – A Touring Exhibition from Leasingstede

    The Nottrowe Drift – A Touring Exhibition from Leasingstede

    Beecroft13 April 2019 - 22 June 2019

    Ever tried handling a Leaf Rustler or attacking some weeds with a Nettle Prod? These unusual tools are among all sorts of improbable artefacts in this touring exhibition from Leasingstede Museum which are coming to the Beecroft Gallery, Southend, in an exhibition opening on April 13th. The show, The Nottrowe…

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  • The Prittlewell Princely Burial

    The Prittlewell Princely Burial

    Central11 May 2019 - 01 May 2024

    Archaeologists discovered an extraordinary Anglo-Saxon princely burial in Prittlewell in 2003, but many of its secrets remained hidden, only to be revealed as experts began their painstaking research. Following 16 years of analysis and investigation, the incredible finds from the Prittlewell burial have returned to Southend and are now on…

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